Zwift play + sterzo

I don’t know, and that’s not my problem. I am not a tool developer.
What I do know is, that I have 2 campy bikes, and it will not work. So for me this is crap.

Can you mount them the opposite way round, so the buttons sit outboard? I get that’s not quite as friendly, but it’s not like you are pressing the buttons all the time.

I don’t know James.
I do not own the controllers. I saw the DCR review, and I was interested, until I read about the campagnolo incompatibility

It wasn’t a reply to you, I can see you’re a lost cause. Others seem willing to try things.


not sure, but does maybe lead to question if Zwift might be developing something different to work with MTB/Hybrid flat-bar bikes, that could be mounted on the top of a road bar.

People are buying drop bar end for a solution for flat bars.

I can virtually guarantee there won’t be an alternate version of the play to cater for minority groups.

If you have enough minority groups and add them together, there may be significance.

The trouble is a fix for one won’t be a fix for another. So you’d potentially need 3 or 4 versions.
A flat bar version won’t help campag users for example.

It’s just not economically viable.

There’ll be some innovative solutions to name the Play work for different setups I’m sure.

It would make far more sense to develop a flat bar product than a Campagnolo compatible product just due to market share. There’s some chance a flat bar product would fit some drop bars with Campagnolo shifters.

The thing about Campagnolo is it’s just so niche that it would not be worthwhile to design a product to fit it if it made the fit on non-Campagnolo bikes any worse. I’ve ridden Campagnolo equipped bikes for decades and it would be cool if they could accommodate it, but I can’t think of a design that would not make it worse for everyone else.

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It’s still perfectly useable.


Cool. I wasn’t even considering the C-shaped Ekar levers. Though it doesn’t really look like there’s much room to shift downward with those?

I still had enough room to downshift

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So you’re a Campag man James.

Explains a lot. :wink:

That bike has been outdoors once this year :joy:

While I like the Zwift Play, I’m finding that using the steering is more work than the Sterzo. You are forced into a specific position on the bars and it is hard to tell how much pressure is needed to get the steering activated so you tend to pull harder than necessary. I end up with sore shoulders and fore arms.

Using the Sterzo you can place your hands wherever you want and the effort to point the wheel is far less.

I have not quite decided to swap back to the Sterzo, but certainly, if I could pair both the Sterzo would be back in play immediately.

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If it was possible to pair both I’d buy the Zwift Play controllers to supplement my Sterzo.

Hey Colin, there was a post recently where somebody got both working. Not sure if it was by luck or not.

I have the Rizer but the principle is the same. I’ll do some testing today and report back for you.

Cool. Let me know if that works and I’ll scrape out my wallet :joy:

Save your money. No change in compatibility.

That said steering with the Play is much better than the Sterzo plus you obviously get the other functions that the Play offers.

We had both zwift play and Wahoo bike able to steer at one time and it was “fixed” in a bug release :frowning: