Zwift Play on Flat Handlebars!

Hi Guys,

Got my Zwift Play today and I was able to set them up on my Face Race Atlas 35 Handlebar. You have to purchase a drop end like the Origin8 Drop Ends which I wrapped with cork handlebar tape:

I also ordered these to see how they work:

Here are the results:

Honestly, I’m surprised how good they work with the drop ends on my flat handlebar.

Pretty soon you’ll be sprinting in the drops. Heresy!

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Nice! Enjoy the controllers!

With a single speed crankset, maybe hills.

Very creative @enricoclaudio .

Quick question: how easy is it to move from the hoods to the drops. Does the handle bar get in the way of the transition or is it one of those things that you just get used to and not notice it after a while.

I did Repack Rush twice with the drop ends and it was fine. Shifting takes some time to get used to but after a few tries, I forgot about it. Then I went for a 15 miles outdoors ride and it was amazing having the drops ends. Then I came back and put these on too:

These work even better because the shifter is right there next to the steering paddles. I did Repack Rush twice and improved my time by 45 secs :slight_smile:


So are you attaching them to the FIFTY-FIFTY Bike Bar Ends?

That’s correct!

Which do you prefer, the drops or the other bar ends that stick up for using Zwift Play? I have a flat bar and need to get something like this for teh Play controllers i have ordered.