Zwift plans download


I would like to train winter with plan “Build Me Up”. cause plan is quite long and intensive 4-5times a week, I have idea to download all *.zwo files of plan, and then manualy add it as custom workouts folder (if the plan is not already in static workouts), and then make myself excel plan for 2-3times week progress.
Where could i download ZWOs of this plan?


Welcome @Andrej_Jenko

This should help:

Thank you Gerrie. I know the site accutaly, but could not download zwo’s there(no optiopn). So the only option is to build it in zwift app one by one.

After I replied to you I went to look and saw that that particular plan is not available.

So yes building it will be your only option.

You can use this:

Also pleas vote for this request.

Hi Andrej were you able to find the * .zwo? Or did you have to create them? I had the same idea as you for the same workout :slight_smile: but there are too many options, cadence, gradual increase etc. etc. How did you solve?

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I have started a plan, but want to have some workouts to do on my cycle commute to work, rather than have to do every ride on the turbo. Is there any way to make this possible? It shouldn’t be too hard to get the workouts onto my Wahoo ELMNT Bolt and do it outside. I have a power meter.