Zwift PC won't login

Running 1.0.2243

Two styles of symptoms experienced so far, mostly it gets passed where the white frame says logging in with the cyclist in it so that it is just an empty white frame and the program then hangs and I have to kill it.  Second instance only happened once, it said that it logged in but there were no roads to ride.

Same here on PC and iPad, probably a server issue. Zwift, would be nice to see a message on the homepage if that‘s the case. 

Same here on a MAC

This shows no server error

My computer (PC/Windows) locks up on the logging in screen…

Windows same

Same here on a Win7 Laptop :frowning:

I also can’t lop on from my dell laptop or my desktop - interestingly I can log on with my Iphone - any word when things will be up and running?

Come on and fix this asap! I wont pay for a service that keeps crashing all the time!

Same issue on iOS and Mac. Probably due to the update that was released yesterday. Please fix this, as it’s affecting alot of people.

Same Issue on PC. Tried multiple times, various stages of progress and then kicks out. Even managed to get on road with head and no body???

Software Quality Tests are a must!

I was able to get on with my iPhone - at first there were no customizations showing.  All users had the default Zwift Orange Jersey and no names were visible, later in the ride things started showing up again.

I just checked and my PC works again, but no more time left for me to ride today :frowning:

Me too, two different computers, one freezes the other tells me there are no roads to ride on, when I did get on, my avatar was in bad shape, no head or body, just hair and a bike - LOL Noticed many messages on Zwift today, all talking about the log-in issues. Zwift are probably aware of the problem by now - I hope :slight_smile:

Zwift is aware and it seems to be resolved: