Zwift pace partners bots in group rides

Zwift pace partners bots in group rides.

Also allows the creator of the event to change the W/KG for example:
1.going up hills
2. on the flats
3. Going down hills

These settings should be communicated to all rides before the event and during the event.

I can see the need have 3 pace partners in group rides for example:

1.out the front of the group
2. One in the middle of the group
3. One in the back of the group


Ride leaders and sweepers need to find new jobs soon…:sweat_smile:


This is actually how the pace partners were born a few years ago when the initial Club Jarvis was created, they had a few test group rides with “Jarvis” leading, shortly after the 4 pace partners were introduced.

I think having 3 bots in a group would be confusing and not sure how that would work, how would they stay together?

I don’t like the idea of multiple PPs in group rides unless they were split across categories.

Having three different paces in the same category is only going to cause havoc and pandemonium and be a precursor to the dusk of time.


One PP (pace partner) at the front and another in the middle of the group and another at the back. - ok not many people would want this this but people like Me would like to have it.

I just saying if group creator want this then they should have option of this.

Or may be this:

Just have this as example:

  • red fence at front set up for example
    • group ride leader (at what stands now)
    • or based on W/KG the ability to change the W/KG group ride is going up the hill, going down the hill or riding flat (created when creating the event and communicated at Event description on Zwift website or companion app)

PP in the middle of the group - with group creator having the ability to change the W/KG like in use example with the red fence

  • green fence or at back of the group as sweeper or A PP with the same ability of changing the W/KG in Red Fence example.