Zwift on a spin bike

Hay Gerrie. On my LCD display, it has time, distance, speed, calories, odometer & pulse, they all work fine, I’ve tried to connect using power & speed but with the speed I have to check the unknown device on the list of power sources, but nothing happened after that…

Hay David, yes, someone said get a cadence meter, so I did, but didn’t do anything, I’ve now taken it off & the Bluetooth connection is all the same as it was in the beginning… That screen shot had the cadence meter attached…

You have Power Source and Heart Rate connected to the same source…how do you do this?

Try without Heart Rate connection.

OK, I’m going to be “The Bad Guy” in this thread and say the difficult thing.

If you are within the return period for that bike, return it.

Using Zwift on a spin bike is hollow and unsatisfying - the statistics on this are clear: most people who try this eventually get bored with it and go back to watching Netflix while spinning because most spin bikes don’t have the necessary smarts to be controlled directly by Zwift.

Adding a power meter to a bike that doesn’t have one is a multi-hundred to thousand dollar upgrade, which still won’t get you smart control. (hills in game don’t feel like hills on the bike)

If you really want to dive in, the Zwift Hub is probably the best value going in smart trainers. Get “any bike that fits you” from the used market. (with some caveats - it can’t be a Walmart Huffy, needs to be of a certain quality level)


I’m assuming that the spin bike has some sort of HR sensors built in (on the handlebar grips?) but I guess we’re all a bit in the dark. FWIW I agree with the previous post about the suitability of a sub £200 spin bike.

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Hay Dejan, pluses grips on handlebars for the heart, all three things, power, cadence & heart are now from the same Bluetooth source …

Do you have a screenshot of the current setup (without the separate cadence sensor)? Your power source and cadence should show the same device (your spin bike model number) with a different device model number for the heart rate. The screen shot you showed had the heart rate and power source paired to the same device which should not be happening. If this continues, as Dejan suggested, turn of your heart rate monitor.

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If you connect and ride now, do you see your HR and cadence numbers changing?

I know we’re all trying to help but I think you’re going to need a response from the seller. I suggest you don’t wait too long for that, just in case you do decide to / need to return it.

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Another option, try installing Indievelo game similar to Zwift and see if it happens on there as well. But in any case, returning as mentioned might be your option if possible

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I didn’t say he was, I said on MINE. Sometimes Zwift would not connect to it and would connect to HR or another bluetooth device.

CJ. Ya not the bad guy mate, I just got the spin bike to keep fit at home, I used to do off rd MTB every day but I have back issues now, so got to watch what I do. I just wanted to get a bike I could do the virtual riding on, this was recommended & looked ok & was on sale…
It came with 3 recommended apps to use, zwift, z-sport & kinomap, z-sport works, but isn’t very good, kinomap won’t even let me set up an account, & zwift, can do everything on here except ride lol…
Just gonna see what shop say’s, then possibly send it back to be looked at…

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Colin, yes mate, pluses / heart monitor grips are built into handlebars

David, the heart rate monitor is built into the bike mate, can’t turn it off, the power, cadence & heart monitor are all the same Bluetooth source from the spin bikes LCD monitor

To me it looks like you paired it correctly and it just doesn’t work. As long as it’s not paired to anything else (including the operating system bluetooth service on your device) then I’d talk to the dealer or manufacturer. There are quite a few other Zwift competitor apps you could try as well. They pretty much all have free trial periods.

Hay Paul, I’ve just tried Wahoo RTG, My whoosh & Bodybike, & had same problems there as well. Just gonna send it back I think… Cheers


Because after searching the internet I cannot find the model specified. I finally found an expired ad on ebay that says the BT has the ability to connect with Zwift.

With all the recent Zwift updates and, i presume, the lack of support by Zwift (yes…I know the BT should be standard protocol) a reasonable possibility is that the connection may be broken.

Sorry, but I am looking at this from a glass have empty perspective.

I have offered two scenarios to get it working: Pair the speed sensor and let Zwift calc the power or get Power Pedals.

This is late for this post, but you’ll want to get a SmartSpin2k for the bike. It’s an open source smart trainer for spin bikes instead of regular bikes. Basically it turns an ic4 or Peloton into a smart bike for a lot less and is incrementally upgradable with power meter pedals when you get serious about racing.