Zwift now super strict on calculating workout stars [1.25.0] [SOLVED]

Sometimes I wonder if they fix things by accident the same way they break things by accident!


The stars issue only happened to me that one time on March 9th. Not sure if Richmond just performs better in general, smaller world, not in rotation so hardly any other riders around, etc…? There were still some dips in FPS just not as bad as Watopia.

You need perfect intervals to beyond the arc now. About 5s past the arc :slight_smile:

I don’t think you theory holds any water, those are 15 second intervals and I got all the stars.

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Did you see the new GPlama youtube video doing a trainer test about an hour in? It looks like same problem going from Z1 to a Z4 to Z5 and no stars for 20sec.

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Yeah I saw that, his segments were bang on but no star. I was surprised he didn’t mention it.

My previous workout was weird, I got stars for the hard effort part but didn’t get stars for the pause part. :thinking:

Hey Shuji I think you mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there was progress on the fix.

Any updates or an ETA?

Hey @Dan_P4
Yup, it’s fixed in the next game release, coming this week.



Thanks again!

Yes, I don’t have a screenshot of this, but in the last workout I got all stars for the efforts and only half stars for the recovery period for all intervals. I never dropped more than 1 Watt below ERG.

Hey all - Zwift game version 1.26 fixes this issue, and has just released. Please update at your earliest convenience, and let us know that your workout blocks are awarding full stars again.


Thank you shuji.

Repeating previous repro, issue appears resolved and getting full stars again for workout blocks.

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Seems to have solved it for me too.

people are quick to criticise so we should also say “nice one” when something goes right.


Nice one!


Same here… All stars received now - also critical one with 20 sec high power / high cadence peaks.
Thx to dev team!

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Oh no! This means I’m going to have to do The Wringer again to test it out! Thanks @shooj for your work on getting this one resolved. :+1:


Can confirm that I received full stars for todays 30/15sec intervals.


I did a homebrew SprintFest workout which involved 64 sprints in 64 minutes and it worked pretty well. I occasionally missed a star for being over power on the efforts or the rests.