Zwift FTP Training star ratings

Hi everyone,

I started a 6 week FTP training on Zwift. Works fine, but what kinda wonders me was the strength training. A ride is divided up into sections, and for “well-performed” sections, you get a star.
Now, some 10-second “sprint intervals” are mentioned in the app as “10 sec.@370W” yet the text blent into the app says: “Turn off ERG and go as hard as you can”. Now, logically, going as hard as I can, I cannot exactly match 370 and I can go harder than 370, but if I do this, I do not get the “star”… is this a bug? Is this wanted that way?


I would suggest go all out as the text state. The 370 is a guide. Not getting a star on a sprint won’t make you weaker.

Sure, I get that, but just thought this is buggy…

Not buggy, the coach does not know what your peak sprint its, except if you have a real coach.

That’s not the problem, the issue is that the stars seem to be designed for Z3/Z4 intervals, ideally in ERG mode, less so for sprints or recovery.

Myself, I mostly just tend to ignore them, but in my own workouts I have configured longer recovery intervals as free riding (star guaranteed).