Zwift not seeing my KICKR

(Jeff Sankoff) #1

Finally got my invite to Swift. VERY excited. Alas, still not able to ride.

Downloaded the Mac client, attached Ant dongle (even got USB extension to ensure KICKR and dongle in close proximity) sat on the bike to spin, clicked ‘search for power meter’ and…nothing.

Tried restarting the app, the computer, unplugging the dongle, restarted the KICKR all to no avail.

Using a Garmin ANT stick. Don’t know if that is the problem?


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Does your garmin ANT stick say USB2 on the back? Like this:

If not you need a newer dongle.

(Jeff Sankoff) #3

Aha! Thank you kind sir. You have answered my question. Might I suggest having a kind of troubleshooting guide somewhere that could walk people through a series of steps so that they could sort these things out on their own?

Thanks again!