Zwift launcher for PC v1.1.1 not remembering password for second account [January 2022]

Hi all,
Is it only my issue, that the new launcher can’t remember passwords. It is quite annoying if I use two accounts (with my son).
And is it somehow possible to have the remember me box unchecked by default?
Thank you!


Hi @Pavel_Brejcha welcome to Zwift forums

Thanks for flagging this up to us. I’ve split your comment into its own thread.

We are investigating, and looking to bring back the ease of login for households with more than one account.


I also encountered this issue on Windows 10, it appears to stem from the Zwift Launcher not having access to the Edge browser password manager. If you right click on the password field and select “Show all saved passwords” an Edge window comes up with an “ERR_INVALID_URL” for the local settings page of “edge://settings/passwords”.

Hope this helps and thanks for looking into the issue.

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Using your browser to remember passwords really isn’t a good idea. Much better it to use a separate password manager app, and then you can take your password easily across different devices.

Posting here to confirm that I have reproduced this issue on two separate computers. I encountered this on my primary computer so I took care to observe the update process on my secondary computer and record the process.

First I made sure that the old version of the launcher worked as expected, i.e. that autofill worked properly. Then I let Zwift update itself and it did in the same manner as on my primary computer (first the app updated, then a launcher update popped up). Once fully updated then the new launcher had lost my credentials (even if they were saved and properly autocompleted in the old launcher). I entered my username and password and selected Remember me, but when I go back through Change User then the username is properly autofilled but the password is not.

In my household my wife and I share a trainer and Zwift computer. So we routinely go back through Change User to switch between our Zwift accounts.

Thanks for the confirmations everyone. We’re aware and working on it.

In the meantime - please keep your Zwift password somewhere safe and enter it manually. We know it’s not ideal - we’re working to make it frictionless again.


I’m relieved to see that it’s not just us having this new problem!

There are 2 Zwifters in our pain cave using the same equipment and Zwift Launcher stopped remembering our passwords in the startup screen after the recent January 2022 update. As Josef said above, the new Launcher seems to have no access to the Edge browser password manager now that it’s switched from IE to Edge.

Just chiming in that it’s a problem for me and my wife as well. Hopefully we’ll get a fix soon.

+1 for Zwift to fix password saving on Windos 10 / Edge. PLEASE!

I have added second users to windows so each Zwift user has a windows or mac log in. This then ensure the passwords for the user are stored. It is a work around not a solution however it works! Hope this helps while the problem is sorted.

Same Prob here

Between this issue and the white screen, the new login process is even less reliable than the previous IE11 login process ! Come on, how hard can it be to have a functional login process ??

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Same here. My wife and I share the windows computer running Zwift. Wish this simple thing would be taken care of ASAP.

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Not sorted in this update. :pensive:
Please sort this soon zwift.

Hello, just a kind reminder, is this issue with multiple logins somehow in progress? The season is behind doors and the problem still alive. Thank you, Pavel.

I looked into this ticket, and it appears that we can not implement the storing & auto-populating of multiple passwords.

When we changed the PC launcher app’s behind-the-curtain tech from Internet Explorer browser to Webview2, we ran into a stricter security protocol that doesn’t allow us to auto-populate more than one password, at least at this point in time. If that changes, we can resume this work.

Thank you Shuji for letting me (us) know. It’s a pity, but better to know, than waiting and waiting.

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I would love to see this fixed. If you’ve switched from Internet Explorer to Webview2 before, is there a third platform to build the launcher with that could resolve this? Shame to be losing basic features as Zwift progresses. It would be cool to see a profile picture for each account, just click one and you’re in, like how video streaming services work.

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This reminds me of when Strava decided to take away bluetooth heart rate monitor functionality in their app, like five or six years after they’d introduced it. It amazes me that with the amount of money these guys charge they can’t figure out basics like logging in.

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Where does Zwift store remembered login e-mails? I’d like to delete one.