Zwift Launcher error Z117

When I try to lauch Zwift, these alerts loops 4 times below.

After that, it shows the alert below.

Before I reinstall Zwift, I deleted Zwift folder in “Documents” folder and “Downloads” folder and I cleared cache of Edge browser and rebooted PC. And I reinstalled Zwift. But Z117 error does not fixed.

Please help me.

You might want to search the Forum for Z117. There are a number of other posts on this already that might contain an answer for you.

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Thank you.

I found the solution fixed the problem.
The title of the post is “ISP or CDN issue with latest v1.0.52 files - Z117 at line 601 in Patcher.cpp?”.
( I am new user, so can’t post links. )

After I updated Zwift on tethering my mobile phone, no error occurred.

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