Error Code: z117 when updating

I was seeing the same behaviour on my Windows 10 laptop (which is at latest patches for Windows 10) as mentioned in this support/issue page when updating launcher to 1.1.2 and game 1.23 (100541): error-code-z117-ByAhzdxbw

I followed the instructions on this issues page but kept getting errors even after switching computer on and off etc.

So having seen an external post about a possible issue with a file in the Zwift CDN (Content Delivery Network) i used my VPN to switch to North America (i am in the UK) and hey presto the update finished successfully and Zwift app opened as expected.

An additional piece of information which may or may not be related is that i am using a dedicated 4G data connection (as my UK copper broadband connection is terrible).

Hi @Simon_Williams6

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll do my best to monitor the situation for trends and see if there are others who are also in your same region and having CDN issues resulting in Z117 errors. Thanks again!