Zwift & Kinetic Rock and Roll Control

Hi. New to Zwift and new to my trainer (Kinetic Rock and Roll Control).

Have everything connected and did the fist ride/calibration. When I did my first true training ride, when I hit a hill, the tire felt like it was slipping. I tried shifting to a higher gear but still felt it slip a bit and my speed dropped to 3mph. Don’t feel anything slipping when I am on a flat or downhill.

Wondering if I have the tension knob too tight or too loose? Do I need to change the way I am shifting? Something else to change to make it a smoother ride on hills?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


It’s too loose based on what you say. Are there instructions on how many turns to turn the knob? You need to have your tyre inflated to 100 psi generally.

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Its a new trainer so a frame fault shouldn’t be a problem.

But I was getting wheel slap on a normally fine set up ( using a training tyre at correct pressure), need more and more turns to tighten the wheel ( power out put calibration isn’t a problem as I use V3 vector pedals)

On closer examination I found that the welds on the R&R frame had cracks and were opening under load reducing the tension on the wheel and causing the back wheel to drop close to the floor.

Every please check, frame failure could be dangerous.