Zwift information emails - who writes these things..? :-)

So now that I know more about them I think the Virtual Tour and Etape events are really exciting, but it took a while because the marketing from Zwift is so confusing! The emails from “The Team at Zwift” seem to be written by an excitable five year old and fail dismallly at actually explaining anything…

What I needed was something like this: “Over three weekends in July we will be hosting a six-stage “virtual” Tour de France event for both women’s and men’s professional teams. There will be two stages each weekend (on the Saturday and the Sunday). The initial stages wil take place in Watopia, while subsequent stages will be in a brand new world, called simply “France”. Concurrently with the virtual pro Tour there will be a virtual L’Etape open to all, comprising three stages, each one of which will be hosted on each of the threee consecutive weekends of the virtual Tour. Thus, there will be one L’Etape stage running concurrently with each two pro Tour stages on each weekend. In weeks one and two, the L’Etape stages (running on both Saturday and Sunday) will be on the same route as the Sunday stage of the Tour (i.e., stages 2 and 4)”. (etc).

Instead, I got a couple of almost incomprehensible emails written by someone who appeared to be drunk. One of them started off like this: "Hey Neil, Are you ready for the first of the best month in cycling? " What does that even mean…? Ostensibly (grammatically at least), it appears to suggest that the “month” is subdivided into units that are also months (while not actually telling me anything). The email then proceded to go off at various unconnecetd tangents that were hardly any more helpful. So, to answer the question, no, I was not “ready”. It would have been much more appropriate to explain things properly first and then ask me if I was ready… :wink:

Are these emails deliberately designed to enocurage interaction with other Zwift resources by being as opaque as possible…?

Agree entirely!