Zwift Hub trainer with Boost 141 mm QR Trek

good morning everyone,

I have just received a zwift hub trainer, I have a trek x-caliber 9 (mtb) bike with 141 QR boost, is there any adapter that will allow the mounting of the bike to the trainer ?
thank you in advance for the hint.

Hi @Dariusz_Konopka welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. The short, safe answer is that Zwift Hub does not support Boost 141 QR frames. If you would like to return the trainer, you may contact my colleagues to arrange for a product return. In your case - I see you’ve already contacted us via email.

Trek’s Boost 141 QR specification is an odd duck in the bike industry. It’s one of the Boost variants Trek invented around ~2014 and still use on their middle price point mountain bikes. As far as I know - it’s incompatible with all brands of direct-drive trainers (i.e. no trainer brand offers their own Boost141 QR adapter ends).

You may want to contact Trek Bicycle’s support for their suggestions.

You may be aware of third-party adapters from companies like Robert Axle Project, which is a US-based manufacturer of specialty thru-axles. However, this one is made specifically for older model Wahoo trainers. Zwift has not tested this product or others like it, so we can not vouch for its compatibility with our trainer or your specific Trek bike.

Given the broader incompatibility with other direct-driver trainers, the safe route here may be to use a wheel-on smart trainer?

Thank you for your response,

It turned out that my colleague has cnc machines at work and he made the correct adapter for me (your adapter used as a model), on the one hand 135 QR, on the other 141 QR, everything works fine now :blush: