ZWIFT HUB (sensor) reports game speed in ERG/workout

During normal ride zwift HUB reports wheel (real) speed what is OK.

During Workout/ERG-on zwift estimates/simulates speed based on watts/power (and tertain,etc) and this is displayed in Zwift HUD. Perfect.
(Wheel speed is irrelevant).
But it reports wheel speed over BT/Ant+. What is NOT OK.

If you wish to use external device to log activity like Edge/Fenix etc, then it will differ. What is annoying.

Could you please report Zwift/Sim/Game speed in ERG mode over BT/Ant+?


Hi @Krisztian_Batyai

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I don’t understand the request.

Do you say Zwifthub report the wheel speed during free ride and also in ERG mode.

But you want simulated speed when in ERG mode?

Sounds like the OP is connecting the hub to a bike computer or garmin watch and the speeds aren’t matching?

Zwift HUB reports always wheel speed (in ERG-on AND in free ride mode too).
Of course in Free ride mode it is OK and the correct.
In ERG mode it is NOT correct, in case that if you log your activity with external watch or cycling computer too.
/of course Zwift game shows the correct simulated speed but this is not the one that is reported via BT/ANT+ /

Reported speed is the wheel speed… as you switch gear/speed up wheel the reported speed reflects to it. So it is definetly the wheel speed.

you shouldn’t need to record on a secondary device, can’t you just link Zwift to Garmin Connect?

I like to record it on my garmin device directly and not relying on syncing
for tracing all training status, etc.
I dont like relying on synced fit files…

I don’t think the Trainer wheel speed and the in game speed will ever be the same, the game calculate Speed from the power that is sent from the trainer.

The trainer also don’t get the game speed from the Zwift game.

“The trainer also don’t get the game speed from the Zwift game.”
Good point. :slight_smile:

The Feature request is exactly about this. The Zwift-hub should get it from the game, and should report it in ERG mode, not the phisycal speed of the weel.

Maybe this cannot be done with other trainers, but Zwift could manage it 'inhouse. I’m pretty sure that there is/could be some custom-data-field in the BT protocoll… And then the ZHub firmware can utilize it :wink: