Zwift hub one not steady on the floore

What is wrong.? With new Zwift Hub One I cant push 1000watt. when I get over 900 watt the bike leaves/hop off the Ground. With Old Wahoo kickr snap, I could push 1200watt and the bike stood steady on the floor.
Please help. Any idea?

Hi @Tom_Kjaer6411 welcome to Zwift forums.

Wheel-on trainers like the KICKR Snap have legs that extend very wide. Their three points of contact with the floor are extra-stable so that the rear axle holding mechanisms don’t have a chance to flex and drop your bike (and you) under a hard effort.

Wheel-off smart trainers vary in how wide their bases are, but may not be as wide as your Snap. I noticed this with a Saris Hammer 3 - under a full effort uphill sprint, I could rock the trainer from side to side. I solved this by adding a 25 pound sand bag on top of each leg, and never had it happen again.

Hi Shuji
Thank you for your help.
I Think it is Strange that Zwift sells a product with This problem. There must be a lot with the same problem.

there are lots of trainers that move when high power is applied

Pedalling style/smoothness will have an effect. Also, many folk are now using some sort of “wobble board” under the trainer to allow for movement and increase comfort/endurance.

gym plates, motorbike chains. whatever you have lying around. it will probably always move a bit but if you weigh it down at least you know it isnt going anywhere fast

Wheel-on trainers, like your Kickr Snap tend to be inaccurate regarding power measurements. There are some more possibilities to get a wrong measurement compared to direct drive trainers.

Maybe your Kicker Snap was overestimating your watts and your Kicker core shows you the reality…

Do you have another Powermeter on your bike?