Zwift Hub One 1/8 chains


I would like to know if the zwift hub one is compatible with size 1/8 chains or just with 3/32 chains ?

Thank you for helps

Hi @Yann_Louyer welcome to Zwift forums.

What kind of bike do you have there? The Zwift Cog is designed for use with derailleur-equipped bikes and 3/32" width chains.

When you’re asking about 1/8" chains - it implies that you have a track bike / fixie, or a beach cruiser with a coaster brake hub, or perhaps a city bike with an internally geared rear hub. There are other styles of bike that use an 1/8 chain - what do you have?

Those types of frames may not be compatible with any smart trainer if the frame spacing isn’t either:
Quick-release axle with a 130 mm or 135 mm spacing
12 mm thru-axle frame with a 142 mm or 148 mm spacing.

Please see this Support Hub article for bicycle compatibility with the Zwift Hub trainer.