Zwift hub MTB cassette advise

Hello Everybody,

The more I search, the more I doubt :slight_smile:
I want to start training indoors with the Zwift hub.

I have an cube MTB with an 11-42 11-speed cassette, will it be fine to order the Zwift HUB with the default 11-speed cassette (with the 11-28)? or do you advice to order it with no cassette and mount a the same 11-42 cassette as I have on my MTB.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: hopefully from an soon to ride the zwift hub trainer haha.

Hi @Rolf_Biez, welcome to the forums!

I would get the same cassette you have on the MTB. I assume the front chain ring is smaller than a standard road bike, probably not a 50 or 52, so you will spin out very easily in Zwift. This is a common issue with MTB’s being used on Zwift because the gearing is so much different than a road bike.

Thank you! other option is to buy another road bike and use that on the Zwift, but if that is not neccessary i’d rather not do that :slight_smile: Or are there other (better?!) options for an indoor smart trainer for the MTB?

Depends on the driver for your MTB cassette. The sram XD driver is not in stock anywhere. If you have the HG you’re good - can go with the 11-28 and just lose the ability to hit the 42. Might have to index (most likely) to get it smooth.

The main issue is with your chain ring. A small chain ring won’t provide enough resistance. My 32T just spun out. You’ll have to do one of Three things.

Ride in ERG mode only.
Only do routes with lots of gradient climbs.
Use [qdomyos-zwift] (GitHub - cagnulein/qdomyos-zwift: Zwift bridge for smart treadmills and bike/cyclette) to increase base resistance.

I believe the same is true regardless of the trainer - they’re not aimed at us dirty ol’ MTBers. :slight_smile:


check out this thread as well for relevant info:

Thanks everybody, shame they don’t want us MTBers on the zwift :slight_smile:
After reading the thread that Mike tagged, I think the best option will be to buy a road bike for the hub…
I read allot of issues related of MTB bikes on trainers and that’s the last thing I want, so the MTB stays in the Garage for outdoors :slight_smile:

Good idea. I was lucky enough that I could go down the path of getting a dedicated bike - bought a gravel with a 48/34 and it works great. Plus I can pull it off the odd occasion I hit some clay and want to go faster than my MTB. Means not having to constantly pull my MTB off the trainer :slight_smile:

You also have time to do Winter maint and Zwift at the same time.