Zwift:hub issues

I have now my second zwift:hub after the first emitted noise from the inner hub - not the common problem reported many times which comes from the chain but something which rather comes from the inner part of the hub.

Zwift replaced the hub quite quickly and has been very supportive. My second hub arrived now and after the first use I have encountered the following problems:

The device always seems to interrupt the transmission of data and the performamce / power data is arbitrary (from 0W to over 1000W) at the same cadence. The values jump every second. The latest firmware is installed.

Chain noise (at lower gears as reported several times)

A pitty that since I have a subscription of Zwift and have been paying for Zwift I have not been able to use it.

I’ll keep you updated but would be interested if others encountered similar issues.

Chain noise does not sound like a Hub problem. There is no guarantee that any trainer’s freehub will position your cassette exactly the same as your rear wheel.

The power problem could be a Hub issue or a problem with wireless interference. Uploading a log to might provide clues about what’s happening. Switching from Bluetooth to ANT+ or vice versa might produce a different result, if that’s an option for you.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your quick reply. Apart from the non typical inner hub noise the first device has given quite realistic performance / power values. I therfore don’t believe that this is caused by interference but rather by the hub itself.

Reg. the chsin noise I agree with you. Only interesting that the chain noise from the first hub was less compared to the second. But maybe only my perception as the inner hub noise is less.

It may be worth it to take the bike and trainer to a bike shop for a setup.

I don’t think it’s is worth the effort as the bike shop won’t be able to fix the power problems. Just checked my log files with zwiftalizer. No connection issues reported. I suspect the issue is the hub. I’ll wait for zwift to get back to me and keep you informed.

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They can fix the chain alignment.

Only for you to take the bike off the trainer, put it in your car, then set it up again at home and hope it is still fine.

Much easier to learn to index gears, it’s super easy and a very useful skill

The main issue with the device was the power and not tbe chain noise. There were significant jumps in the power readings and I was not able to calibrate the device. Zwift has sent me a new device which is working fine now. Stable power numbers (no jumps) and the calibration worked without any issues with the same setup and in the same room.

Imo also the chain noise is now much less.

Conclusion: Interference with other Bluetooth devices can cause issues with the hub, for sure but in my case it came clearly from the hub itself, probably caused by a loose connection of the Bluetooth transmitter.

Zwift support was very reactive and solution oriented.