Zwift hub frame clearance issue

I just received my Zwift hub and mounted my bike on it. Bike is a Wilier road bike. I think I have an issue with not enough clearance between the hub and disc brake mount. There seems to be 0,5 mm gap. I’m worried that frame will hit the hub when pedaling hard. Is this enough clearance to ride safely?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Veksi welcome to Zwift forums.

You’re right - that is a very tight gap. Some bike designs will present clearance issues like this. If you feel uncomfortable with the risk of damage to your bike or trainer - please contact Zwift Support to request a rerurn.

In reality what little lateral movement you get isn’t going to take you into the unsafe category. At worst you might get a little rubbing of the lacquer of your bike or wearing of the plastic of the Hub but because of the forces applied neither will happen quickly if at all. The contact isn’t going to generate sufficient directional friction.

As Shuji says if you are that worried send it back. Other trainers might be better of it could be worse. Without trying each one its difficult to say. I’ve had to remove somebodys brake once to get it to fit on the turbo. Yours is the mount so that’ll make no difference.

One thing you might be able to try is to put a bit of old inner tube or something in the gap to protect the frame with something more forgiving than the hard plastic of the trainer and might save the paintwork.

i guess the biggest issue you’ll have is if it rubs the finish of the bike which could leave it open to corrosion when out on the roads.

Thank you guys for the replies. I decided to return the Hub and try a different trainer.