Zwift Hub buying help - disc brake mount compatibility with through bolt axle


I’m looking to purchase a Zwift hub to use with my 2021 Orbea Alma H10 MTB. I plan to purchase a new NX eagle cassette to match the one on my 1x12 speed bike as I believe its compatible with the hub.

What I’m concerned about, is if my disc brake mounts will interfere with mounting the bike to the Zwift hub. As you can see from the pictures, the mounts attach just above and on the inside of the through bolt hole of the frame.

The through bolt is a 12x148mm and the rear disc is 160mm. The gap between the brake mount and the through bolt on the opposite side is about ~132mm.

I know the design of the Zwift Hub has a cutaway on the non drive side to allow for brake mounts but still not sure if I’m going to hit an issue. Any ideas or do I need to buy the hub and just try it?

Just to answer my own question here. I’ve just setup the Zwift hub with my MTB and no issues at all with the disc brake mounts, plenty of clearance to the hub. Also fitted my SRAM NX Eagle PG-1230 12 Speed Cassette and all working great in combination with the QZ app by Roberto Viola.