Zwift Hub for 3xs bike

Hello all!

I am considering purchasing the Zwift Hub to start using Zwift. I have a 3xs bike from Canyon, which has a seat tube length of 40cm. It doesn’t seem to fulfill the minimum required frame size of Zwift Hub. Does anyone has experience using a small bike like this on the Zwift Hub? Or know that which indoor trainer is compatible with this bike.

Thank you!

that is pretty small but looking at this i’m not too sure you’d have an issue

the size of the bike doesn’t seem to be a problem

this link has lots of different angles of the trainer so you could make a judgement

Hi @Norris_Chiu welcome to Zwift forums.

Some frames will be incompatible with direct drive (i.e. rear wheel off) trainers in general, not just Zwift Hub. The length of the seat tube is not typically where you’ll run into clearance issues, it’s more likely the rear dropout / brake caliper area on the non-drive side, or the rear dropout / seatstay / chainstay on the drive side.

Canyon has a list of their models known to be incompatible with many trainers because of how the frame’s rear dropout area is designed. You may want to consult with them for tips about your particular model and size.