Zwift Hub compatibility with QR12x142 axle

Hello Zwift community,

I’m wondering if a solution exist to make the Zwift Hub compatible with my bike with a QR12x142 axle. My bike is a Stevens Prestige 2018.


As an aside, when I attempt to Google that model of bicycle, all the site hits I get flash massive red flags for being unsafe. Perhaps you can post photos of the axle and bike.

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Yes i have the same issue with the website it seems the certificate is outdated but it’s secured.
Here is some screenshots:


That photo looks like a regular 12x142 thru-axle to me. I’m not sure why Stevens is calling a “QR.”

  • When you remove the wheel - does the quick release mechanism remain inside the axle? That is what I’d call a quick release skewer. The Hub works with this type of wheel in widths of 130 mm or 135 mm only.

  • If you have to slide out the thru-axle before the wheel drops out of the frame - that is not a quick release - it is a thru axle. The Hub supports this type of wheel in 142 mm or 148 mm.

There are also some less-common thru-axle systems from Mavic and others that are a hybrid of the two. These are still essentially 12x142 mm thru-axle systems and should be compatible with the Hub, but it’s difficult to say without knowing the particulars of the hybrid system


If I understand well, this is a thru-axle system and it should be compatible with the Zwift Hub?

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A few brands used a system made by Naild that was a thru-axle with a quicker/easier way of removing the axle for wheel changes. Not sure if Stevens used that exact system or something similar. Either way there were loads of issues with them. See: 12-3-9 — Naild

Robert Axle Project makes replacement axles that will convert these QR thru-axle system to traditional thru-axle designs which then allows you to use them with trainers.


Ok, I will order a ZwiftHub and check if It works with my (hybrid) system otherwise I will order a Robert Axle Project in addition.
Thx all

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I just received my Zwift Hub and it works without any adaptators :ok_hand: