Zwift Games [February 2024]

I did the Elite races :)) I have been racing for 20 years or so and faced all sorts of monsters but never mauled this badly. It was a good experience overall and I believe I defended myself ok.
I was hoping for better on the Alpe but did have a pretty me’h day. I am not used to race in the evenings and could not adjust. With a bed time of 21:30 starting a race at 19:25 was not ideal. I know people have to get up at 3:00 am at some parts so no more complaints.
We hit the Alpe really hard, I did 6 w/kg for the first 2 minutes and was around 45th place :slight_smile:
Top 10 was insane, even 6 w/kg all the way would not crack top 10.
I was listening to the live commentary and gutted when I heard Harris getting dropped and losing the lead.
Overall good experience. I will do it again :slight_smile:


Nor is the men’s…

The issue seems to have been fixed now. Thanks!!!


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Thanks for those nice words mate, and congrats on a great series of races by you. The level was so top deep in that race. I lost the group of 20, 5.5km into the Alpe and was still averaging over 6w/kg at that point.


Oops, there appears to be two stage 1s starting at 1400 GMT today, splitting the entries.

Since this was the first official Zwift Championship, there is a tradition on the real Alp, yes?

The turn number one should add a sign for Freddy Ovette and Illi Gardner.

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I was hoping to catch Stage 4 of the Zwift Games this weekend (March 29-30). It’s the only stage I have not completed. Only seeing Stage 3 and 5 available between now (March 29) and the end of Sunday (March 31). Are they not running the sprint stages this weekend? Sad. I need Stage 4 to get the gold cap. I thought Mar 18-31 was for make up stages. C’mon Zwift!

Finished all five stages with last one up the alp in last makeup start yesterday afternoon. Still no badge or unlock or is it waiting gc to update on zwiftpower?