Zwift for Chrome OS

Well it looks like Chrome OS is becoming very big. It’s starting to supersede android tablets. They are super efficient, good battery life, and they’re ideal for web apps. They also pretty cheap compared to the average windows laptop.

This year there’s been a flood of announcements of Chrome OS devices – ranging from the Lenovo duet which is a really smart 10 inch laptop that sells an incredibly cheap price including a detachable keyboard – through to larger and more highly specified devices from Samsung, ASUS ACER and others.

I’ve noticed of another discussion that somebody suggested that there are very few Chrome OS devices around. Wrong. And it’s very likely that they are the future of connected devices. A huge number of them are being used routinely in schools in the UK and in the US – simply because they are so efficient and cheap – and if you don’t want to use huge heavyweight systems such as Adobe Creative applications – then Chrome OS is really the way to go.

So what are the plans for Zwift to produce a Zwift version for Chrome OS?

Zwift normally leads – but on Chrome OS, it seems to be trailing.

RideOS! :smiley:

Most systems with ChromeOS don’t have the graphics power to handle a virtual simulator like Zwift. They are not intended to be game system, just basic work systems.

Good point – but how come it works on Androids – and also my Pixel Slate shows films marvellously.

Also, when this topic has come up in a previous thread on this forum, the Zwift admin didn’t refer to this at all. That certainly didn’t seem to be part of the problem.

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Because they have the graphics power because they are made for work and play (games).

No loger true in 2020

I am literally looking to buy a new laptop/ipad just for zwift as i only have chromebook (and iphone) and the screen mirror uses too much bandwidth. (And chromebooks cant be used through hdmi as a display).

What are the odds zwift getting on chromebooks soon? I bet as soon as i buy an ipad it gets released on chromebook!

Absolutely nil.


Love the confidence. Will check a thread then for cheapest model that can have zwift

I second this!!!