Zwift for Android honest reviews

Initially this was going to be a long moan about zwift getting me to pay to beta test their android app which is not yet ready for public use. However after getting over the peak of my anger of yet another Bluetooth drop out 6 minutes from the end of an FTP test I’d thought I’d ask how others are getting on.

I own a Tacx smart flow and am using zwift on a Samsung S9. I experience constant Bluetooth dropouts and cannot reconnect to continue my sessions. It appears WhatsApp messages, Google maps traffic alerts, dumpster notifications can all disconnect me. Yet I’m still connected according to my phone and the Tacx app. I have followed every Google guide I can find regarding improving my Bluetooth stability, I’ve unpaired every device, cleared my cache, I don’t even wear my Fitbit when cycling and I experience no issues with the Tacx app or any other Bluetooth use such as streaming music.

I use a Samsung Note8 and cast to a 58" Sony TV. I have no problems using my phone with Zwift. The only thing I have to do is pair my phone to my trainer before I turn on the TV. If the tv is on Zwift will pair to the tv instead of my Tacx Neo.