Zwift Fondo Series [2022]

I would think it’ll also depend on what platform, with AppleTV those switches can get riskier if the remote isn’t playing nice.

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Ok, so if I understand correctly, if you only have stock gear (stock MTB and stock gravel bike wheels) then the mountain bike is faster in the jungle. If you have a bike with the new gravel wheels and a non-stock frame (canyon grail) you are faster than a MTB.

So if you’re just choosing from two inbox options and don’t feel like spending drops on gravel stuff the mountain bike is your best option, but if you get the new wheels, and the canyon grail, then that’s the one to switch to.

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For those who live in New York, Fondo’s in current series are only from 4 pm to 4 am; are any to be scheduled from 4 am to 4 pm ?

I see events happening at 3 hour intervals through the weekend. Are you not seeing the same?

Have a look at this full calendar:

I’m at this page www-dot-zwift-dot-com/ca/events and only see events from 4 pm to 4 am when I search from fondo with ctl-f

this does show more events during the day. Thanks!

You should check in the Companion app. The Zwift events page only shows, I think, the next 15 our 16 hours of events. Right now I am only seeing events through 5:30am MDT (7:30am EDT) tomorrow. If you check back to that page later, though, you are likely to see some during the day.

I did the 100k Fondo this morning. Bought the gravel bike wheels and had the gravel bike ready for a swap at the jungle, but the group I was with was pretty solid, and kept riding in the jungle on their road bikes, so to avoid being dropped to wherever the next pack was I just trudged through the jungle on the Tron with them.

It was a good ride though, went through the volcano one too many times, and finishing at the Epic KOM is a bit of a mental game after that many km. Most of the pack I was with blew away from me at the bottom of the Epic KOM never to be seen again which is pretty much what I expected :slight_smile:


Didn’t they used to enable double draft for Fondo events? I don’t think that’s enabled for this year’s events but seem to remember it being enabled for previous year’s events.

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I did the bambino fondo last night. Pretty tough to be fair. You will be climbing 75% of the ride or more. Best advice grab couple team members and ride it together it’s more fun and keeps the motivation on.

The original post in this thread says that double draft should be enabled. I didn’t notice a difference in draft but I don’t know how obvious double draft would be to me, so not sure if it was or was not on.

Oh! I didn’t notice that in the original. Nornally, when you view the event at zwifthacks, you can see the doubledraft tag. Here’s a fondo event:

Here is a JETT ride with DoubleDraft:

To me, it felt like doubledraft was off, which is why I checked, although it can be tough to tell the difference.

Hi, I want to try the fondo training plan. Is it possible to do the training ride while I’m doing the bambino ride “event”? Can someone LMK? It sounds like I probably can’t combine them.

No you can’t do a workout in a event.

What’s odd about that quote is that the math doesn’t seem to workout, based on other MTB data ZI has posted before.

-The new gravel wheels in the article you linked dropped the time for the Zwift gravel bike on the Jungle by 19 seconds.
-In the one linked article here, fastest non-Zwift gravel bike time with stock wheels for the Jungle was 14:10.
-So add the new gravel wheels, you’d be at 13:51.
-Zwift MTB time for the Jungle in the second article is 13:47.

Unless I’m missing something about how those tests were done.

No DoubleDraft on the January events and they are not show when filtering under Fondos. Same as December.

Doubledraft has been fixed, thanks for flagging!


We are aware of a bug that results in avatars taking improper turns in events when late join is turned on. In order to ensure the best experience for those taking part in the Zwift Fondo Series, we have adjusted the remaining Zwift Fondo Series events to no longer offer late join. If you have already signed up for an upcoming event, no action is required on your part.