Zwift Fondo - March 21 - Route error

Hi Team Zwift,

There seems to be an error for the Route for Zwift Fondo - route E.

On the website and corresponding text description says it is saying the route is “Ultima Fondo / Mega Pretzel”.

On the Zwift Companion App it is saying “Uber Pretzel”.

Which is correct?

On Zwiftinsider article, he mentions:

UPDATE: ZHQ has informed us that the Mega Pretzel will be used for this Fondo, not the Uber.
So we’ve updated the list above.

Yes I’d seen that as well

Do zwift support staff monitor these forums to spot these issues raised and fix them?

@shooj is good at bouncing these types of issues back into the events team to tidyup so he may respond/acknowledge this but I’m not sure he looks at all posts here (hence the tag might get his attention).

You could also raise it on a support ticket but fingers x’ed they see this thread.

@Si_Edkins @Dean

Events team confirmed it’s Mega Pretzel. Sorry for the confusion - we’re updating descriptions.

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