Zwift eRACING Rules. 1.0.0

We will need some clarification on this. In 12.3.1 it is stated that power need to be reported with a Power meter or smart trainer.
But then in 12.4.1 Excluded Equipment: Any “Wheel-On” Trainer.

Now my question what a bout if you use a wheel on trainer with a Powertap wheel or Power meter crank or power pedals?


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I interpret that as meaning you can’t use a ‘wheel-on’ smart trainer as your primary power source. So it would therefore be fine as a controllable trainer with a Power Meter.

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That is how I read it but it will be more clear if they add some words to clarify.

or Excluded Equipment paired as power source.


What races will these rules actually apply to?

All the rules around weight are a bit weird too. Especially as the inputs for weight are so inaccurate. I get results to a thousandth of a second but Zwift only lets me enter my weight to the nearest kilogram (or pound). I’d have thought that weights would have to be taken no more than an hour before the race, would make it more realistic.

I have the same question… I bought Elite Nero rollers and I’m not using Tacx Neo any more for Zwift. My power source are Favero Assioma pedals or powermeters in crancks (all my bike are equiped with power meters). Can I use setup with interactive rollers as a controlable resistance unit and Assioma or cranks as a true power and cadence data source?

12.3.2. says anyone using a trainer on the exclusion list will not be eligible.

12.4. is, I presume, the exclusion list although it’s called Excluded Equipment (not a lawyer but I would have thought using consistent terminology would be a good idea).

So that means anyone using a wheel-on trainer is not eligible to compete.

EDIT: On re-reading it this morning it does seem ambiguous. It should perhaps be reworded to something like “…those using a trainer or power meter that appears on the excluded equipment list in section 12.4. to report power are not eligible to compete…”

I want to know the same as Mike. What races will these rules actually apply to? The SRAM Send It series? I presume the rules applies to stuff like the national eracing championships.

They will apply to the series that most of us will never be invited to attend most likely.

That is my expectation too. So very little for most of us to worry about

I do agree with that.

My concern is people drawing conclusions that even if you have a power meter on your bike you can’t get reliable results, because look it is in the oficial Zwift rules so they may know something that we don’t.

Thanks for adding some clarification to the rules. good job. Thanks.

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