Zwift du Alps Map

(Alvaro Valencia ZHR (I)) #1

 Great to have this simulator of Alps d’Huezersion map. But when the Zwift Map version show Upis frustrating. Map is not wide enough to show the longest Pins entirely. The visual  effect creates frustration. It disrupt your mental states and breaks your concentration on cadence and power use. Please Make that Map wider. There is enough space to do so. Also maybe on the general main Screen The curve or Pin Numbers could have a visual Flag where we can focus to encourage accomplishment. Beside that lets categorize ciclist I not want to see, specially young cyclist passing those with more age. Other wise Get ready to do the same with others climbs like Italy and Spain ones.

(Andre Hufschmid) #2

I do not agree. I would not want the map to be wider. I don’t need a map Covering the half of the screen to show a curve map. I don’t really know what age has to do with cycling and being able to hide other cyclists is not what Zwift is about. Other Cyclist should encourage you to ride with them or at least be a motivation. Who cares who passes who, its a training environment so enjoy all these cycling enthusiasts.

(Alvaro Valencia ZHR (I)) #3

Half screen? “come on” never said half. Just a bit more or have a function to on and off or wide it as you please. About age it has to do with cycling. Never on life a 81  YO COULD COMPETE WITH A 18 YO Kid. and a  21 YO pushin 5.0 WKG  can’t be follow by me who just can do 2.5 WKg.

You Mr Pro Cyclist maybe can do that, but not me.

(Paul Allen) #4


Why do you feel you are competing against anyone on Zwift? Just ride and do your own thing and don’t worry about what others are doing.


(Mathew Bittleston) #5

Just like IRL: There will always be someone faster, and someone slower. Give them a ‘ride on’ as they pass. They’ll then go fumbling with their phone to try to give you one back :wink:

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #6

It would be nice to be able to turn on or off UI elements like those that fill the screen so much. If people want them, they can turn them on. If people don’t want them, they can turn them off.

Letting people adjust UI settings is pretty standard in PC software and games.

It is kind of absurd that after years and years now Zwift still has such limited options.

RGT already has the ability to turn on and off UI elements, and it is still in alpha/beta state!

(Alvaro Valencia ZHR (I)) #7

Cool at least I stir the Pot to call attention to basic windows task properties on Zwift. It is a pain to not cancel my account yet because a Whole body Rheumatism attack me keep me out of Zwifting for a while.