Zwift detected FTP increase, automatically updated and totally changed my riding experience

I am using zwift riding a Tacx Neo2 of which I have been riding for at least 18 months now
I finished a ride 2 nights ago where at the end of the ride Zwift detected an FTP increase and would automatically update my FTP for me, only slightly but still and improvement, great I thought.
The next evening I entered an event race within my Category C and from the start I was pushing really hard 3.5 Watts per Kilo, however everyone was overtaking me and there Watts per kilo was lower than mine. It was like I had gained more weight or I was being restricted. to the point I gave up after 2 miles and left the race totally demoralized.
why has this happened? has anyone else seen this issue


Hi @James_Shipton, were you in one of the Zwift HQ Beta Crit City races? Did you get a green cone above your avatar? Or was this due to the issues with the latest updates giving some people ludicrous speeds?

Check for an update for your Zwift app if the latter.

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Hi Mike

Thankyou for coming back to me, no I wasn’t in Crit race at the time, I have done a few recently but the ride it detected on was a London Loop up Leith Hill with a friend of mine through meet up. After this it said we detected a FTP increase from 160 to 165. not a lot I know but still an increase.
Next event was like I was riding with a sandbag on my back, my friend I normally ride with was flying away from me and all riders was overtaking me.
there were no cones above my head

incidentally a couple of weeks ago I was in a crit race and it said I was above my category D and they slowed 90% of the people down in the race

I did put my FTP back to 160 and then did a training ride, not joined another event since

Thans again

This might also be due to the bug in the recent update that seems to have eliminated the draft effect for a number of people. Maybe you were one of the ‘lucky’ ones affected. There is supposed to be a patch for this already (if you’re on PC/Mac) and soon for other platforms.


hopefully it will be sorted for the next ride, hopefully tomorrow.
Take care and Ride On