Zwift deletes manually added pictures to Strava activity

Steps of reproduction are following:

  1. Save a ride in Zwift
  2. Strava displays only uploaded activity without images
  3. As a user I upload screenshots manually or another pictures because I don’t want to wait for these from Zwift
  4. I leave Strava happy that pictures are added by me doing this manually (but not so happy because I needed to do it manually)

My pictures stay untouched. Zwift should detect that pictures has been added manually and it should do nothing.

A few hours later Zwift probably deletes my pictures and uploads these delayed or deletes my pictures and leave Strava activity totally without pictures despite that I uploaded my own pictures manually.

Possible workaround:
t/no-option-not-to-upload-a-screenshot/447839/5 but better to use more automatic solution

Hire me
I can fix it if you give me job offer at Zwift as iOS/Backend/Frontend developer. It’s handled probably by some background-backend service with queue of pictures to be uploaded. I’m opened to work at Zwift. Please contact me through Zwift’s forum about that or please find my profile on LinkedIn with name Ariel Bogdziewicz and job title Lead Software Developer.

This is not an issue with Zwift: Strava is granting Zwift priority over user-performed operations
(Now that I think of it, Strava does not distinguish between user performed operations and operations performed on behalf of the user by third parties…)

In short, I would urge you to seek employment with Strava. They could use a good API architect.

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@B_CN I use Strava API too in my app. However operation on this API is performed by Zwift. It doesn’t matter in my opinion who does these operations. Zwift could just simply check if number of uploaded photos is greater than zero before performing upload. It’s possibly not checked at all and on the other hand Strava probably (I’m not sure and I didn’t check this) exposes API for uploading photos which always delete pictures before uploading new one? It can be issue related to both then, Strava and Zwift.

I will report some bugs soon on Strava too. I work from Europe and they probably prefer people from USA so they rejected my CV very quickly despite good experience. I just will mention about this here every time when I report bug.

I mentioned the same thing:

The following poster says it’s always done that. It’s daft. If I’ve gone to the trouble of manually adding photos to an activity, of course I expect them to stay there.


@Daren Yes, I’ve seen your comment when I was trying to find duplicates before reporting this one. However it is Known issue and I didn’t know how to upvote your comment. I hope I will convince some people to upvote this. I add a lot of pictures on Strava which are not taken from Zwift, but Zwift removes them later. So annoying.

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I always wait for Strava showing the pictures, delete them and upload manually the pictures from my phone or PC.
Taking pictures with Companion app, running Zwift on a PC, tested trainer connection with PC (both BLE and ANT+) and Companion bridge - had never any issues.

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The API executes on Strava’s servers, having been invoked by Zwift.

Here is a scenario the (hopefully…) clarify my perspective:

  • I login to my computer, as administrator.
  • I create a file, owned by Administrator (Windows terminology…)
  • Re-login as a regular use, not member of “Administrators” group.
  • I try to delete the file.

I would expect the operation to fail, given that a “regular” user does not have the required privilege level required to delete Administrator-owned files.

It would appear, however, Strava treats Zwift as “Administrator” for the purpose of manipulating these files. As such, this is first and foremost a Strava API issue - regardless of the way Zwift is using it.

(Yes, this is just an analogy, and a such, not all details perfectly align, but I hope the idea is clear)

I’m equally frustrated with this destructive behavior. I reported it to Strava last month, and was told the following (which I’m very skeptical of):

It appears as though the photos on the activities are not being successfully uploaded to Strava. If your photos are disappearing after saving, please try uploading the photos again and waiting for a longer period of time before saving; the photos may still be in the process of uploading and when you hit save, it stopped the upload process.

Has anyone tried unchecking all images when exiting Zwift, so that none are uploaded to Strava, to see if that stops Zwift from deleting user-created images?

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Yes, we tried to do that. There is even bug about this that we cannot uncheck all photos before sending to Strava: t/no-option-not-to-upload-a-screenshot/447839/5 (I cannot paste links still as new user in this forum).


I have the automatic screenshot uploads disabled in Zwift, and I can confirm that Strava still deletes the screenshots after I upload my selected images by hand.