Zwift crashing with Windows 11

Yesterday (18.11.2021) I started a bike ride after the update of Zwift (Makuri Island). For more than an hour everything was ok, then there was the total block of Zwift which did not allow me to save the activity.

Could it be a Windows 11 problem?

No. I have used Zwift with win 11 for a while, but today after the new game update the same happened to me. 5 minutes into one course in Makuri Island.

this has happened to me as well twice in a row

[7:16:47] [ActiveSegments] detected state change…

[7:16:47] Removed segment: 1051787332

[7:16:47] ==Current Active Segment Hash Ids==

[7:16:47] 2233445522

[7:16:47] 2233445509

[7:16:47] ===========================================================

[7:16:47] ActiveSegments::NetworkSubscriber pub sub leaderboards off.

[7:16:50] FPS 90.91, -436320, 82998, -457869

[7:16:50] Starting critical power curve search job (397129880) mTimeStamp = 3979.16968 m_lastSearchTime = 3979.16968 calculating=false

[7:16:58] FPS 88.24, -434809, 83290, -460065

[7:17:00] Starting critical power curve search job (397139900) mTimeStamp = 3989.18555 m_lastSearchTime = 3989.18555 calculating=false

[7:17:06] FPS 92.31, -433345, 83652, -461507

[7:17:07] ERROR: ZwiftApp Crashed

Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing frequent crashing in Windows 11 as well. This is getting pretty frustrating, along with Bluetooth not working. Sometimes I’ll have a long streak of no crashes for several days, then sometimes it crashes constantly. It crashed last night during the Festive 500 ride 30 minutes in (no jersey for me), then again 25 minutes after launching into Watopia. I’ve experienced crashes on nearly every world. Unfortunately, I can’t downgrade to W10 at this point, so I’m stuck dealing with the crashes.

More annoying, every time this happens, I need to tweak the truncated FIT file and manually upload it to Strava.

My zwift log doesn’t show any errors.

It also generally leaves nothing in the Windows Event Viewer, but occasionally it will show a generic “Application Error”, Event ID 100, for Zwift.

Why not?

Maybe did a clean install of 11. That’s the route I’d take.

Nothing stopping a clean install back down to Win 10 though.

Nope, not sure why a downgrade isn’t available to them.

I’m staying 10 for the foreseeable. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

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Are you guys having broader issues on Windows 11, beyond Zwift? My wife has always had a worse experience with Zwift on her Surface than I have on my iPad Pro–and it’s certainly not better with the new version of Windows. Her laptop & version of Windows both work great for everything except Zwift.

I don’t think it’s fully settled on 11 as it has on other platforms. Most people would say Windows 7 & 10 are stable for Zwift and certainly they were/are solid operating systems.

It’s too early to say for 11 but I see more reports of problems than I do of people saying it’s faultless.

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I just had my first crash-free Zwift session in about 2 months on Windows 11.

How? I set up a Windows 10 VM in Hyper-V.

I used the showershell scripts provided by the “Easy-GPU-P” GitHub repo, which allows you to pass-through your physical GPU and split a portion of the video memory with the guest VM.

For more details see the Linus Tech Tips “Nvidia tried so hard to stop this” video on YouTube.

I did find a few options that allow me to pass-through either my Bluetooth or ANT+ dongle but it’s much more trouble-free using Companion Bridge.

This is a really a sledgehammer of a work-around, so hopefully Zwift can address these issues.

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I have also the same issues as mentioned above on my laptop after windows 11 was installed. The ride is usually fine for a while and then zwift crashes completely and doesn’t save the ride.
My heart rate monitor is also not connecting.

What CPU and GPU (graphics) do you have? This sounds like the 10th/11th gen Intel integrated graphics crash. There’s a workaround for Win 10 with an older driver, but unfortunately not for Win 11.

i’m still having same issue. seems like zwift has had an awfully long time to sort this out.

If you can elaborate about your issue we may be able to help.

Processor details: inter core tm i5-8365U CPU @1.60GHz 1.9 GHz.

Ok, you aren’t on 10th/11th gen Intel, so the known crash that I referred to won’t be the problem.

You should raise a support ticket with Zwift and send them your crash logs to investigate.

Well, throwing a little wrench into the mix here.

In the last 2 months I’ve swapped PCs for my Zwift workouts. Also running Win11, but ZERO crashes over that time.

Old specs: 3900X CPU, 2080Ti, 32GB, 4K display (running Zwift windowed @ 4k ultra, also tried 1080)
New specs: 10700KF, 3070, 32GB, 5K ultrawide display (running Zwift windowed @ 1440p ultra)

I have no explanation for this. On old PC, Zwift was 100% stable and never crashed once on W10. Memtest86 passed many times. Never crashes with any other apps or games, even on W11.