Zwift crashes on France world after about 10 minutes

Regardless of route, regardless of location in the France world, it always crashes on me. This does not happen in other worlds.
Problem is in windows 10

Hi @Loureiro_Rodrigo, I rode in France last night on windows 10 for just under an hour, no issues. Did this just start today, or has it been going on for the last few days?


Can you put your .log files in and look at network and Frame rate.

I have had this problem in Windows 10 as well. I’ve tried 2 routes and both failed after about 10 minutes. For 1 route, it seemed to fail at the same exact spot (a bridge near Mont St Michel). I was able to ride Ven-top on the previous Zwift release but haven’t tried it in this release.
The symptoms are: the updates for power, speed, cadence, HR stop being posted on the screen and then a few seconds later, a Windows dialog pops up saying that Zwift has to quit.

All other worlds are fine so this is a new France-specific bug in Windows 10.

Zwiftalizer doesn’t show a pattern. During 1 crash, the frame rate dropped to ~0, but was fine in the other crash (~25). Network looked normal.

Please post the complete specs of your Zwift setup.

Yes, it crashed several times at that exact same spot (a bridge near Mont St Michel)

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Windows 10, with TACX NEO2

I agree. This morning after two crashes in France after about 10 minutes, one of which on that bridge near mt st michel, i completed a long ride in paris

For several days now… not just today

Windows 10 x64 version 1903 with Kickr SNAP using ANT+.
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
6 GB memory
GPU: Nvidia Quadro M2000 and Quadro K2000

I posted 2 other messages about 4-5 days ago about this. I don’t know how to submit a more formal bug report

That’s an older version of windows, I wonder if updating to 1909 will fix it? I don’t know, so do that at your own risk, but it works fine on my PC with 1909.

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Just updated overnight to 2004. Let’s see how that works…

Could you post more info.

Windows 10, TACX NEO2, RTX 1060, using ANT+

Zwift crashed twice for me at the same point after the bridge just before Mont St Michel comes into view. I was riding a workout at the time. My wife tried cycling a different route in France and it crashed about 4 km in at a different map location. I’ve never had crashes with other maps.

Can someone please look into this?

EXACTLY same problem as you do… Always crashes about 10 minutes into the ride, regardless of route

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

Drivers and OS are up to date but it still crashes at the same location in RGV, right after a bridge that is near Mont St. Michel. I don’t think the GPU or CPU are being overloaded but I don’t have much to prove this other than the frame rate was fine but dropping (according to zwiftalizer) Network communication seems fine.