Zwift Companion Release: August 10th (3.17 iOS, Android)

The Rowing option is still missing on mine too


Comms on point today

Maybe they’ve raised the minimum requirement again? Which would be absolutely turd, and means I have to buy a new phone.

You need to be Level 51 for that


No Race Results option for me. I’m running 3.17 (1071) on Android 10, downloaded from the Google Play Store. I’m in the UK.

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Rebooted phone, no difference. Hopefully sort itself out when this server thing is done.

Race Results has just popped up for me as an option in Meetups. Wasn’t there immediately after the 3.17 update. Another server-side switch?

France and Paris are showing up for me now as Meetup options.

I’m getting same results as you @DaveH - my Zwift phone is a tad old but working fine except for missing mini-map. Cant load Zwift … grrrrrrrr

I have both France maps and Race Results now on my option dropdowns.

Just tried reinstalling it now that everyone’s saying the options have shown up.

Still crashes on startup. Same error in the feedback preview.

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Yup, I have access to another phone (Android 10) to check things against and its normal. I just did factory reset and reinstalled ZCA on my daily driver for Zwift. Same result as you. Did that Survey suggest discounts for not using ZCA? :rofl:


Can you confirm that with race results in meet-up that although we all start from the side of the road and not a pen that the timer starts for everyone together after the countdown and not when each individual starts the ride?

Really hoping the minimum Android requirement hasn’t been bumped up again. It was only six weeks ago that 4.x was dropped.

Still crashing. Not great for people who use this as a bridge for their trainer.

Edit: works on my Android 7.0 tablet. So this issue appears limited to 6.0 and possibly earlier. Any updates?

Does it still appear in the app store on your 6.0 device. It was my understanding it wouldn’t appear if it wasn’t supported?

Yep, appears fine.

Ah ok,. hopefully someone hops on here and helps you out.

They discontinued 6.0 for the main app back in Jan. No word on the companion app though, would be a shame, bet there a lot of people using old phones & tablets for zwift

Companion app ditched 4.x with the last release. It’d be pretty weird for them to bin 5.x and 6.x in one go, the very next time around.

Quick update for all those on Android that have been seeing crashes, we just released 3.17.1 for Android to resolve the crashing issue. It should appear in the Play store soon. Please update and let us know if you are still getting crashes/hangs on app launch.