Zwift community

If I go to community dot zwift dot com I get a page with some news on it, a login button, community button, etc.
When I click login it takes me to zwift dot com .
when I click Join it takes me to the zwift dot com sign up page (which I’m already signed up too)

What is the community page? Is it different the forums?
I ask because i got an email from zwift saying I’ve not joined the community and did I not like them, or something like that.

The community page is Zwifts place to tell you about events etc.

The login page it refers to takes you to your account details. If you sign in with your details you’ll get access to your membership details etc…

This forum is independent from that and pretty much Zwift. Zwift staff do post on here from time to time with updates but this forum is run by users who are happy to help other users.
We have no access to accounts etc…