How Do People Find This Forum? There's no Link on the Zwift Site!

I know how I get here; I’ve got a tab in my browser open to the front page of the forum because I go on here fairly often. But how does someone new to Zwift get here? There is no “Forum” link button on the Zwift site anymore. That and the fact there is little to no publicity about the forum has managed to keep participation as a very small subset of the Zwift Community as a whole.

How 'bout letting people know about this place? It would be great to have more than 30 regular posters in here, not that I don’t love the other 29 of you all!

There is a link to the forum in the menu of the companion app. Not sure how many people see that as it is at the very bottom of the menu.

Android mobile, DuckDuckGo browser - it it in menu, support. Not easy to find, anyway.

Exactly. I don’t do much web time on my phone and almost none from the Zwift Companion app. There needs to be a well-defined portal to the forum or it’s always going to be 0.1% of the community here. I really hope that’s not what ZwiftHQ is trying to do because this is an important resource for Zwifting…

Zwift Support tell the people with broken things to come here for … support :rofl:

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The same links are at the bottom of every page on the website.

I’m apparently missing it. This is the same on every page.

Yeah I’m seeing that too. But I went to the “Shop” and scrolled down and it was there.

Looks like you might need to clear your browser cache. The site has a 2021 copyright date and the top of page menu is different.

Nope. I don’t believe it should be this hard. I cleared the cache, spun three times around on my left foot and chanted “Zwift” five times. Still not there. Another one of those “funny” things about Zwift we cannot fathom…

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Which URL is that? Looks like the activity feed, but on the Feed page I see it:


Note the 2021 copyright, which is different from the 2020 in your screenshot.

On I get the Forums link, albeit with a 2020 copyright: doesn’t have it for me:

Which platform and browser is it?

It began with “The One,” who spontaneously appeared on this page, already registered. It was The One who guided the rest of us here. :wink:


Companion App

Yeah, I keep hearing the Companion App. Do you really think a majority of the Zwifters even use the app? If Zwift was interested in reaching as many of the paying customers, they’d make it easier to find. It’s like you’ve got to have a the secret decoder ring or something. Just not good business practice and it makes absolutely no sense…

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Wait? What? There’s people who Zwift without the Companion App? Why?

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Yeah, I know. I never Zwift without my Companion along. That said, I’ve NEVER even looked for the forum on my phone. So if you take the subset that use ZC and parse out those that don’t use their phone like that, the codgers >50, and you get about 1% community penetration. Less than optimal IMHO…

less people on forums = less people to complain about all the missing features :smiley:


It hoses my battery for a start. Sometimes I need or want to run other apps instead. I don’t use it for messaging as it’s easier to type on a keyboard.

The only advantage the Companion gives me while I’m Zwifting is the ability to tap myself and give out 5 Ride Ons.

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This will shock you even more probably. I Zwift using only my smart phone attached to the crossbar. That’s my main screen for Zwift. So I don’t have the companion app up because the screen is already being used. :wink: lol

Yep, the Ride-On grenade is the best feature of ZC. A coupla days ago when they changed from the circle to the little arrows (that I can barely frickin’ see) for one day the grenade would hit everybody in range instead of just five. When I switched to the 0 view, you shoulda seen the RO’s rainin’ down! It was epic! I shoulda done a meet up and it would’ve been put ol’ Dax or Coco to shame…

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