Zwift calibration


I’ve just calibrated my bike with kickr core (:+1:t2:) then tried with Zwift which failed multiple times - this is also messing up my ERG mode and I need this sorted ASAP if anyone can help??

Don’t use Zwift to calibrate a trainer. Always use the trainer manufacturer’s own app for that.

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I have been having the same issue since the last update with Apple TV 4K. Had to abandon Apple TV 4K this morning after 4 days of issues with resistance and failing calibration. Calibrated with Wahoo App, then enter ride and resistance goes haywire. Easy on uphill, hard on down hill. Zwift calibration fails. Reboot trainer, recalibrate on Wahoo, works OK on Zwift, then fails in ride. Then Zwift calibration fails. Repeat loop. Waiting for next apple TV update as cannot use this device.

See Kickr Bike & Trainer resistance is non responsive in free ride [August 2021] [1.16.0]