ZWIFT broken on Windows 10 laptop

I’ve had Zwift on my HP laptop for over a year now. It’s running Windows 10 as it always has done and I get automatic updates from MS.

In the last couple of days I updated Zwift and then found I can’t use it. Although the update went to completion (it took ages) the app gets stuck. I reach a screen where it connects my Blue Tooth devices and have the buttons for ‘RIde’ or ‘Just Watch’ and can go no further. My mouse and mouse pad are both inoperative and there is no mouse pointer. I can’t go back and can only exit with CTRL-ALT-DEL. I have tried uninstall/install twice and had the same result.

It’s fortunate that I use an iPad or iPhone for actual riding and these still work normally but I would like Zwift on the laptop too!

A search of the forum only showed one nearly similar problem but the solution doesn’t apply in this case (.NET issue).

Any advice welcome.