Zwift bike garage

Is there going to be any further changes to the bike garage.
With the concept of bike swaps in races, having loads of bike in the garage makes it impossible to switch quickly.
Could there be some changes made, where we can switch out a few bikes for an event. I.E have a race garage with way 3 bike in there? Apple TV is horrible to attempt the bike swap at any real speed. It kind of makes the concept of switching impossible as you loose so much time. If we could make it simpler and quicker it could become a really good tool when racing.

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Buck team relentless

Off topic (maybe) but i don’t think swapping bikes mid race should be allowed.


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Probably true but shouldn’t have to ride through miles and miles of sand / gravel on a road bike race either solution have road races with only tarmac, gravel & MTB races with only sand and gravel. Routes like the Jungle should have new Tarmac path for road bike races at the side of the main route I really don’t know what the fascination is with sand and gravel on Zwift Makuri Island also has way too much.

Sand performs like tarmac

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