Zwift App no longer loads

I have a dual computer setup - one with Win 10 and one with Win 8.  They’ve been working just fine until the past couple days.  The Win 10 unit will no longer load Zwift.  I can get to the login screen and click login, but then it takes me to a black screen and says the app is not responding, close or wait.  If I wait, it never loads.  I’ve tried redownloading and reinstalling and no luck.  

On my Win 8 machine, everything works just fine.


I have to admit, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Zwift.  Either I go out to train and there’s a 20 minute update that makes me have much less time to train, or the app won’t load, or I’ll put out 300W down a -7% grade but only go 23 MPH while I watch others fly by at 50MPH.  Now this.  I’m not inclined to pay for 3 memberships in the house if this is going to have constant hiccups.

Please submit a support ticket. It’s the best way to get a response and for us to keep track of things: