"Zwift Not Responding" Windows 10

Zwift won’t load all the way on my HP Laptop running Windows 10 that is fully up to date. I have uninstalled it and re installed it 3x. I click on the icon that is put on the desktop during installation and it starts to load then stalls out and I get the message that says “Zwift not responding” in the top left corner? Help

Have you just waited? If it’s an HDD with weak CPU (not unusual for a laptop) this may take some time, and Windows can believe Zwift has frozen when it hasn’t.

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I made sure I deleted all Zwift files and not just letting the uninstall run its course. When I did a new install it did a long update and now is loading the game all the way when I click the icon. I have already road today using my Android device so hopefully I can get to work on my laptop tomorrow. Thanks for the get back!

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