Zwift app freezes on iPhone if I switch to another app

Hi all,
I’ve recently had trouble with the zwift app on the iPhone. If I’m riding solo, I can jump to music apps and messaging apps and return to zwift which is still running without a problem.

If I leave the app whilst in a group event, zwift has frozen when I come back to it and then eventually closes by its own accord.

This has happened when I’m waiting in the pen to start a race or team time trial, and I can’t get back into the pen because the cut off time has passed. It’s really annoying!

Is this normal? Should I not be switching between apps? It’s a bit difficult when team members are messaging back and forth without jumping from say messenger or WhatsApp and zwift.

Any advice would be great.

Thank I’m advance.

Zwift is not designed/intended to be run in the background. So, don’t go switching in and out of Zwift.

Thank you for confirming.