Zwift and Strava

When I finish in Zwift my ride automatically uploads to Strava and Strava names my ride with today’s date.  When my friends finish in Zwift their rides automatically upload to Strava and Strava names their rides the event they did.  

Why are my event names not transferring over to the name of the Strava ride?

Are your rides the exact same rides your friends participate in or are they similar Darren?

Same ride as my friends. It has been the Cervélo Canada Rides.

I have that happen when I stop the ride with the “red stop button/icon” on my android phone Zwift Mobile Link app.

If I exit from the Zwift program (for me the Apple TV app), then it has the correct name of the ride.

I use to have a pen and paper handy so I could write down the name of the ride before it started!  


How do you stop the ride on the Apple TV?  Using the Remote?  Using the Apple TV Remote App on the iPhone?  Currently I am using the Orange Stop Button/Icon on Zwift Mobile Link to stop the ride.