Zwift and 1up CPR A-2000 (Silver Wheel Version)


I just tried Zwift with my old 1up CPR A-2000 (silver wheel) trainer in its lowest (default) resistance setting and the power numbers seem too high to me. Anyone knows if the Zwift power curve matches the lowest (inner pockets) or medium (outer pockets) resistance setting for this trainer?


As mentioned in our ticket response, we’d recommend contacting 1UP to get a definitive answer on what would be roughly equivalent. Since we spoke last year, no one else has approached us about your specific trainer model, so we don’t have any other updates.

Hope you’re able to get sorted!

Hi, I’d like to bump this and say that I am having the same issue as Roberto. I performed an FTP test and was given a 250W FTP when it is in the neighborhood of 180-200W! Quite innacurate! Any more support on this?

I am considering using Zwift with this trainer so would like an answer. I don’t think Jason K. understood the question. The 1up trainer has 2 modes: low & high resistance. Zwift says that it can calculate the virtual power from speed but we need to know if this is based on the high or lower resistance mode of the trainer.

Considering that Dillon’s calculated power is higher than normal, it would appear that Zwift is basing its calculations on the high resistance setting, but it would be nice to hear back from Zwift with a confirmation.

Corey, just as an update. I bought a Stages power meter but love the 1up trainer and am still using it. Zwift virtual power wasn’t very accurate with this trainer but am happy I got a power meter.

Hey Dillon - so glad you commented. I am also considering purchasing a power meter but don’t fully understand how this will help the Zwift experience vs using virtual power. Can you elaborate? Thanks.

A power meter will give you exact power. Virtual power will give an estimate based on a known resistance curve of your trainer and the speed your wheel is moving at, it’s an estimate and is probably far more accurate for a fluid trainer than a 1up trainer just because a 1up trainer uses a friction plate.


Some good info here, these curves are basically what Zwift uses:

Does Zwift use your output power to determine your speed within the game? So a more accurate power measurement gives you a more realistic speed?


Yes, Zwift uses watts, your weight, the type of in-game bike, in-game drafting and elevation changes to determine your speed, but the main one is watts. 

Okay - got it. Thanks!