Zwift Ambassador Community Program [October 2022]

So, I went through the signup process, a few hoops but straight-forward enough.

The idea seems to be building a support program halfway between “this forum” (for users comfortable helping themselves) and “actual Zwift staff” support (for problems that can’t be addressed by the community for technical or privacy reasons).

You’d be using tools like the Zwift knowledge base, FAQs, known issues etc to provide a bit more “hand-holding” to users who aren’t as comfortable finding their own solutions. You’re encouraged to develop your own style but the format of an “ideal response” has a bit of a “Mechanical Turk” feel, filling in gaps where an A.I. chat bot can’t figure out what a user needs.

For anyone thinking of doing this: be aware you need a PayPal account for any accumulated earnings to be paid out. I would like to have known that prior to initiating the process as I don’t and will never use PayPal - lot of wasted time there. (@Josie_L : I would suggest you add a footnote to your announcement).

PayPal issue aside (not touching that), I’d rather provide support by answering questions and maintaining the monthly resource megathreads where I have a bit more freedom. YMMV. Thanks for attending my TedTalk.

For many of us we’ve been through this before.

Signed up, completed the practise questions and then…

Nothing. Rejected without feedback and then countless emails to the point you unsubscribe.

Out of intrigue I’ve just tried the process again. It recognises I’ve an account when trying to sign up and then the button to login goes to a dead page. By navigating around a different way i login to find no instructions about what to do next.

I feel it would be far more beneficial if Zwift staff identified people from this forum to be invited on board. There are so many subject experts here that you could cover most topics.

Like most i suspect i don’t want paying, I’m happy to help, it’s in my nature.
Perhaps open up a selective number of users permissions to allow them to undertake more of the regularly requested issues like awarding missing badges etc…


TY @Otto_Destruct - You bring up a great point about needing a PayPal account, and I will be adding that to the FAQ section as well. TY @Stuart.Middlecoate - I will investigate the issue with the dead page and rejection further with the team. Thank you all for your feedback. It is much appreciated!

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This is what i keep getting.


It’s interesting that you got rejected so quickly. I’m still seeing “Requires Review” a week after finishing the practice questions.

I’m interested in seeing the questions people ask, but the thing I really wish for is ability to contribute to the support documentation. We get loads of common questions on the forum that could be answered from documentation if it were more complete and accurate. The answers are often buried in long threads, not really accessible to users, resulting in new threads for already-answered questions. Better documentation would also help Zwift’s staff provide better and more consistent support with less effort.

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I haven’t applied on this occasion Paul. The rejection was on the previous application. I was tempted to repeat the process but with the dead link issue it was enough to see me not continue.

My idea would be to have a new section on this thread that any user questions can be filtered into. Then only selective people can reply. This stops all and sundry then being able to post and the original question then being lost.
The responders can be given access to additional Zwift resources to enable them to respond comprehensively meaning for each question there is one answer only.

Over time this would become a searchable section with easy to find responses for the commonly asked questions.

Again i think many would contribute for no reward.

Any thoughts @Josie_L

Update: I got a new task, which is to complete the practice questions again. No changes, no feedback on the previous answers. :upside_down_face:

you’re not missing anything, I think there are too many ambassadors. Every time I log in all the tasks have already been completed. There are people who respond immediately so you have a very small chance of actually helping anyone.

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Thanks. I actually found the feedback, and it seems my (all correct) answers were not cut-and-pasty enough. The template answers were poor so I improved them. I guess this is not for me. Sorry everybody, I will remain on the forum.