Join our Community Zwift Ambassador Program

Hello Zwift Community!

In 2020, our team included our community Zwift Ambassadors under its umbrella of support to help service our members. We teamed up with Limitless to create this Zwift Ambassador program inviting our community to help others get riding and running on Zwift, while receiving some rewards along the way!

Limitless provides on-demand, crowdsourced help. It’s like Uber in that they find someone qualified to provide basic help when you want it. Ambassadors get paid for problems that they solve correctly (as rated by the member).

Ambassadors are not employees, and do not have access to any information about members. Only Zwift HQ can fix account issues or provide more technical and individualized support.

Let us know what you think, and sign up HERE if you are interested in joining!


What is Limitless?

  • Limitless is a company we’ve partnered with to create and grow this program. With Limitless, we are empowering our members to earn money for helping others.

What does being a community Zwift Ambassador entail?

  • The ability to earn rewards for helping other new and existing Zwifters with answers for questions like the equipment needed to get started, how to pair with the game, and how Zwift works. There are no daily obligations on volume or time.

How will these Ambassadors help their fellow Zwifters?

We currently have several layers of support for members:

  • FORUMS: Folks who aren’t shy about posting on forums can get advice from experienced Zwifters and Zwift HQ employees too. What we don’t do on the forum is help with sensitive account data. That has to be handled offline.
  • SUPPORT HUB: Articles provide reliable information if you’re the type that likes to search & read to find your own answer.
  • CONTACT US (on Support Hub and Here’s where you can get in contact with our team. Our system is also supported by an AI chatbot, which uses keywords to find answers in the forest of information on the Support Hub. If the AI chatbot hasn’t led you to a helpful article to get you going, we send you to someone on our team. Tah-Dah! This is where Ambassadors fit in. We have a direct Ambassador contact option: “CONTACT AN AMBASSADOR”. We have also utilized AI to help send select queries to the Limitless platform.

Ambassadors are part of our Zwift support family and offer another level of human help to our team. These support requests are available for Ambassadors to choose and answer. Once they have answered or they have passed on to Zwift HQ, the support request is removed from the Limitless platform.

What if an Ambassador cannot help me?

  • If they cannot answer your question or more support is required, they have the ability to escalate this to our team here at HQ (this is a seamless hand off from Ambassador to HQ, so no resubmission will be required).

Why have I not been offered this opportunity?

  • We have reached out to active Zwifters with high level ranks, and who have provided feedback to help improve the community and in-game experiences. If this is something you’d be interested in, head over to this page to sign up today!

How many community members are you onboarding to be a Zwift Ambassador?

  • We started with 10-20 members from English-speaking countries, but this number may grow so look out for more opportunities to sign up if you are interested!

Are you outsourcing your community support?

  • We are empowering our many dedicated community members. This effort adds to our existing community support channels across chat, email and phone.

Will these community support Zwift Ambassadors be identified in game?

  • At this time, there will be no in-game identifier.

Are they paid?

  • Ambassadors are paid based on their correct contributions in response to Zwift Community members’ questions.

I’ve received an invite to become a Zwift Ambassador, but the invite goes to a third party. Is this a scam?

  • First, thank you for being such a great champion of Zwift. Limitless is a third party organization that we have partnered with to deliver our ambassador campaign. There is no need to be concerned. Limitless provides an opportunity for company ambassadors to earn money in return for sharing their knowledge and helping others through a new form of customer support.

What do I need to join?

  • You will be using a platform that can be accessed via a desktop computer or mobile. Your account will also need to connect to PayPal to gain your rewards.

I clicked the link to join, but my region is not found.

  • Certain restrictions on regions do apply.