Zwift Academy Road to Sky

Could someone please clarify whether the ride is being assessed from the very start, or only at the start of the climb. If only the climb, at what km point in is that? The description is very confusing. It says to take it easy until the climb, and the ‘focus is on the climb’. But it also says set a good rhythm as soon as possible and the TT is over the full 17.3km. Also, I presume it’s OK for women to enter the ‘open’ category with men if they want. I’ve seen the odd woman do so. It may be more motivating since, it looks like only riders in your group visible. Many thanks.

Shouldn’t matter if you ride w/the men or not. It’s all about your own performance. Drafting is disabled. So, having more riders around won’t matter in that sense.

Everything you need to know about Road to Sky:

Hi, Thanks Lin. But for the Zwift Academy ride specifically, it doesn’t make it clear whether they are only interested in the climb (sort of suggests that) or whether the entire distance is taken into account.

“The focus is on the climb” I would say this suggests they are only measuring the 7.5 mile climb up the alp, not the lead in.