Zwift Academy Road [2022]

Makes it hard to speed up before the sprint segment, group speed is too slow

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No XP either? Oh well, dont really care about XP.

Except it isn’t. They’ve set it up as a weird rubber banded workout (with all the messaging on companion app timed totally wrong). My laptop couldn’t cope and just crashed for the first time ever in a Zwift event :frowning:

So you are forced onto a Canyon road bike, probably the aeroad, for the majority of the ride then during the segments you are swapped onto a TT bike. Not sure which one, I was too busy going all out to pay attention.

Looking at the segment times from the first ride this has been set up wrong. Someone doing 8.5wkg is slower than someone doing 5.2wkg on titans grove (594W vs 508W so it’s not an absolute power thing either)


Hey all - we’re investigating the rubberbanding issue and working toward a resolution ASAP. Please join us on this thread to discuss the rubberbanding issues. Thanks.

Moved to banding thread.

i’ve received an e-mail “your baseline numbers are in” after the baseline ride with no numbers at all and no phenotype information. anyone else?


Same…I thought it was a tease to open app or full site, but cannot find the data. Hopefully they’ll resolve and resend.

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yup, same here

I completed the baseline ride tonight and the progress is still at 0% in the Companion app. (with no email) Does anyone else have this problem?

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Yeah heard nothing yet either

Just like those before me, I received the email but the data fields haven’t been populated.

Thanks for flagging the issue with the phenotype email. We currently have eyes on this and are looking into it. We will provide an update once we know more.


Why does the ZCA show the Academy progress bar when I haven’t signed up for it (and won’t be)?

Cheers Amanda, appreciated.

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thanks a lot, awaiting the numbers in a re-send. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I got numbers in my email (w/kg for each segment) but they’re all wrong.

Yup, exactly the same…it says “your phenotype is:.” Frustrating.

Will I have to complete another baseline ride as my email also didn’t give me a phenotype?